Controls (KBM / XInput)

  • Move: WASD / LeftStick
  • Aim: Mouse / RightStick
  • Attack: Space / RightBumper
  • Check Inventory / Deposit Loot: RightClick / LeftBumper
  • Dump Loot (must be checking inventory): LeftClick / RightBumper


Gather Loot and stash in your bank(black box) to cash in your score!

Every time you pick up Loot, your combo increases. The higher your combo, your score increases faster and the more enemies spawn and the more Loot they drop!

But you can only carry so much at a time… Dump your Loot if you’re in trouble, but you lose your combo!

Check your inventory to see how many points you can cash in and how much room you have left.

If you feel like you don’t have enough Loot, feel free to attack the bank!


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